6 Steps to Develop a Brand Personality

Lakshay Arora
3 min readSep 25, 2020


Brand personality works through humanizing a business entity and making it considerably relatable for the public.

Considering the issues that come with business startups, building a brand personality is often one of the primary concerns that business owners and managers pay attention to. While a brand name stands as a business entity’s immediate identity, brand personality is a substantial value that determines how a company plays through its strengths.

Developing a brand personality that works is critical, especially when determining a definitive construction on how the business plans to connect with the public. Simultaneously, this process helps shape the attitude that the owner and the organization members would base their actions and plans upon.

We suggest these six steps to help you out in developing a brand personality that works for the type of business you want to manage:

1. Identification of Audience

Your audience should be considered as a collection of individuals who respond to a certain stimulant. This means that there are factors that motivate them to react and respond to specific campaigns. Knowing more about these stimulants better gives you a chance to identify well with them and find ways to get their attention more efficiently.

This part of the process helps you define the path you might want to consider, primarily as you deal with the distinct changes you and your clients will likely be affected. With a proper manner of identifying your audience, you can map out different plans that will undoubtedly affect how you manage and market your business to the public.

2. Assign the Right Archetype for Your Target Audience

The brand archetype you choose identifies with the type of marketing that would introduce your product and the same brand personality you want to be identified with. The brand archetype you pick will have a definitive impact on how your market response to your campaigns.

According to your brand personality, you ought to pick a brand archetype that will reflect your business’s values. Considerably, firms in the electronic industry ought to pick innovative archetype. This example shows that the marketing approach you consider would undoubtedly help categorize what type of business you are trying to run and manage.

3. Defining your Brand Archetype

It is best to define the brand archetype you pick and use it to guide everyone to follow through realizing its value. This specification helps draw the development map that the business ought to consider, especially how it grows.

4. Build the Personality You want

Your business should be the reflection of who you are- why?

Because the more personal your business relates to you, the better you would manage it. The connection you develop with your business shall make it easier for you to decide on matters- especially when dealing with operations relating to either management or marketing.

5. Bring the archetype to work

The brand archetype you choose should specifically be identified with. Creating a culture around this brand archetype is essential in bringing the business and its members together.

This approach leads to a more robust and focused approach, especially in adapting to different market conditions. When dealing with business, having a significant type of a brand archetype helps develop a practical pathway towards the growth that you want to achieve for your organization.

6. Define your tone of the connection

Connect with the people. This is what marketing is all about.

However, in terms of developing a brand personality in this time and age when social media takes a considerable course of impact on how the market reacts to different business campaigns, it is essential to explore a diverse mix of your tone in presenting your message.

Definitively, when you start defining your tone, you ought to follow through all this pattern accordingly. This means that you need to establish the same style across all the different communication platforms you use to reach out to your clients. This creates a sense of familiarity and builds up a relationship in the long run.

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