6 Steps to Develop a Brand Personality

1. Identification of Audience

Your audience should be considered as a collection of individuals who respond to a certain stimulant. This means that there are factors that motivate them to react and respond to specific campaigns. Knowing more about these stimulants better gives you a chance to identify well with them and find ways to get their attention more efficiently.

2. Assign the Right Archetype for Your Target Audience

The brand archetype you choose identifies with the type of marketing that would introduce your product and the same brand personality you want to be identified with. The brand archetype you pick will have a definitive impact on how your market response to your campaigns.

3. Defining your Brand Archetype

It is best to define the brand archetype you pick and use it to guide everyone to follow through realizing its value. This specification helps draw the development map that the business ought to consider, especially how it grows.

4. Build the Personality You want

Your business should be the reflection of who you are- why?

5. Bring the archetype to work

The brand archetype you choose should specifically be identified with. Creating a culture around this brand archetype is essential in bringing the business and its members together.

6. Define your tone of the connection

Connect with the people. This is what marketing is all about.

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